NEXTION and SONOFF Christmas Sales

Christmas approaches and I think that the following offers for NEXTION and SONOFF Christmas Sales are ways too interesting to not drop a word here about these, especially that they will only last Until January 8, 2024. As usual, NEXTION first :

NEXTION Christmas Sale

You may combine 2 discounts:

1.) Buy 2 – Get 10% OFF

2.) $20 OFF on orders over $199

Let’s take an example: Click on this link or on the picture above and add 2x NX8048P070-011C-Y, Nextion Intelligent series 7.0” capacitive HMI touchscreen with enclosure ($102.40 each) to your shopping cart. Automatically, the 10% discount is applied because you ordered 2 items. And the code XMAS20 is also added magically because your order is above $199.

On checkout, you’ll see the huge difference :

Combining both options gives you a 19.8% or $40.48 overall discount!

SONOFF Christmas sale

Here too, the 3 discounts may be combined:

1.) Up to 30% off for iHost and NSPanel Pro

2.) Buy 3 – Get 15% OFF

3.) Free Standard shipping for orders above $89

If that isn’t a generous Christmas gift…

The Nextion MEGA IO project moves on, too!

Although this week’s topic is different, I’ve advanced on our long term project to improve the data transmission rate between the Arduino and the Nextion by the factor of around 20, without modifying the baud rate or the protocol, just by optimizing the listener (event handler) on the Nextion side. And I made a little demo for that. It uses actually the PWM screen where such dynamics do not make much sense, but when reading and displaying 16 analog channels at once, we’ll see the huge benefit of this optimization! More details next Sunday!

For today, thanks for reading and happy Nextioning!

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