Nextion Enhancements

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Nextion 3D Bezel files

– 2.4″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 2.8″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 3.2″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 3.5″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 4.3″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 5.0″ Bezel Files (download as zip)
– 7.0″ Bezel Files (download as zip)


Proportional Fonts for LTS

Real TrueType Font Quality for Nextions …

any Windows supported TTF-Font can be managed …
in any supported size, in any supported style …

Fonts are hardcoded on customers demand, ready to use …

fully antialiased at amazing Nextion speed …

for any Nextion project …

Base Price:

6 Project Units: (initial font library and 1 font to your spec)

3 Project Units: (each additional font to your spec)

Please open a Support ticket to discuss BEFORE your purchase.


Nextion EFX for LTS

Nextion-EFX is a small library which brings a whole world of transition effects to your Nextion-HMI-Project …

Transitions can be easily accessed and do work independently with any display size.
Calibration and scaling is done automatically without any user adjustment …

All various types of Nextion-HMI-Displays are supported, standard T as well as enhanced K models …

The library is ready to import and use. 17 Effects included, customized effects can be negotiated …

Base Price: 2 Project Units