Standard Ticket Support is limited to Level 2 Hardware issues where we will determine if your Nextion is functioning as it should, and pre-process for warranty issues should your Nextion not be functioning as it should.

This is not the place for coding technique questions.  For such questions, please direct such questions to the [appropriate forum] where the Community can assist (and we participate as well).

Reading of the documents/forum topics for Nextion understanding is a must.  Not understanding Nextion does not make a Level 2 Hardware issue.

If you would like to have an Enhanced Support in a manner not listed above, please consider purchasing an [Enhanced Support] package through the Itead website.

You can submit your ticket at any time 24/7
Simply login to your account, and then send your ticket!
Our support team will respond in a quick manner.

Allowances for evenings, weekends, holiday schedules apply.