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Terms and Conditions

  • Itead warrants that Enhanced Support services will be provided in a professional manner consistent with industry standards
  • Enhanced Support is given according to purchased Enhanced Support package
  • A first general feedback within normal business directives is guaranteed
  • Itead does not guarantee that Enhanced Support will fix possible customer issues
  • Customer must provide specific details regarding work being requested to define scope
  • Itead must first agree to accept task as requested and defined by customer
  • Customer commits to not withdraw once work on their task has been started
  • After any knowledge-transfer has happened, support purchased is non-refundable.
  • Itead ensures confidentiality about any customer belongings in general
  • Abuse in any case will result in immediate cancel of support agreement

Enhanced Support in general does NOT INCLUDE

  • project development
  • total software development (HMI, INO, …)
  • hardware development (electronic work, PCB design …)
  • hardware and software customizations (Display and Editor)
  • any project attempting to reverse engineer Itead Intellectual Property

Enhanced Support in general can INCLUDE

  • assistance in debugging user code
  • assistance in enhancing routines
  • assistance in Nextion techniques and approaches
  • exploration/recommendations of what is possible with Nextion
  • assistance in technical understandings of Nextion and HMI
  • assistance with some MCU Nextion related routines

Enhanced Support Tickets can be purchased at the [Itead Webstore]