The Sunday Blog: The Xmas surprise

A playful project without code

In most parts of the world, towards the end of the civil year, people celebrate various festivities, depending on their history, culture and tradition. While during the whole year, I write articles for this blog, often heavily loaded with theory and complex code, always with some pedagogic goals in mind, I thought that it was time to make an exception and to present my dear readers with something just ludic (but not ludicrous!) which would allow them to have some fun with their Nextion HMI displays.

To make it short: I failed. Here is a project which you’ll hopefully find ludic or playful, which is available for all Nextion HMI series (Basic, Discovery, Enhanced, and Intelligent) and almost all (but 10.1″) available screen sizes.

Where is the fail? I could not refrain from packing some teaching into this. Thus you get the concept for a nice visual effect without a single line of code and using only one single component on the screen! But I won’t bother you with long theory, explanations and comments – just discover it by yourself!


Load the appropriate file for your Nextion HMI display and open it with the Nextion editor. Using the Device settings, select your series and screen size, click “compile” and then “upload” and you are done. The Nextion screen will then tell you what to do… 😉

xmas240x320.HMI for 2.4″ and 2.8″ Basic, Discovery and Enhanced

xmas240x400.HMI for 3.2″ Basic and Enhanced

xmas320x480.HMI for 3.5″ Basic, Discovery and Enhanced

xmas272x480.HMI for 4.3″ Basic, Enhanced and Intelligent

xmas480x800.HMI for 5.0″ and 7.0″ Basic, Enhanced and Intelligent

And now, happy “festivus”, whatever you celebrate and, above all, happy Nextioning!
See you in 2022!