10 10, 2017

Using the Nextion microSD (upload)

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Nextion's microSD slot is primarily used to upload a TFT project file. - The Intelligent Series has added capabilities, see Forum Announcements Not all microSD cards are made for use with embedded devices. - especially newer microSD cards made for cameras, etc. Class 10 HC 8GB to 32GB cards have had good success. Others too.

10 10, 2017

Connecting Nextion to a Control Device

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Nextion is a 5V TTL Serial HMI device, be mindful to ensure connecting to an appropriate adapter The connection between Nextion and control device Nextion Display -------- Control Device 5V (Red) ------------------------- 5V GND (Black) ----------------------- GND TX (Blue) ------------------------ RX RX (Yellow)----------------------- TX Ensure Ground with all used devices is common. Control device: FOCA,

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