4 01, 2020

Reverting to an earlier Nextion Editor version

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Please note: Due to the pandemic, second source flash ICs may be used in your Nextion device.  Where such is the case, a card noting that the need to use Editor version 1.63.3 or higher is required.  These devices have a QR code on the microSD card slot of the Nextion so it can be

3 01, 2020

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

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Ensure that your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables are up-to-date. Updates from Microsoft for their Visual C++ Library Redistributables includes bug fixes for existing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables that for a few users has solved rare and user specific issues related to the Nextion Editor starting properly. For most users, the Redistributables are updated automatically in

31 03, 2018

User Duty to Know their …

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Programming and Electronics knowledge are prerequisite - there are many external internet resources available - there is no need to replicate all global information here Nextion can be used with 68,000+ MCUs with a Hardware/Software TTL Serial, in 130+ programming languages. It is the User Duty to know - their chosen MCU - their chosen

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