31 03, 2018

User Duty to Know their …

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Programming and Electronics knowledge are prerequisite - there are many external internet resources available - there is no need to replicate all global information here Nextion can be used with 68,000+ MCUs with a Hardware/Software TTL Serial, in 130+ programming languages. It is the User Duty to know - their chosen MCU - their chosen

22 11, 2017

Nextion Forum is not a Jobs Board

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The Hobby Lobby is not to be used as a Jobs Board. - For this, Itead offers Enhanced Support and Project Units If Enhanced Support is not the path you would like to go - there are other Freelance sites on the Internet.

16 11, 2017

Attaching Files to your Forum Posts

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Attaching Files to your Forum Posts To upload files (such as .HMI, .TFT, .ino, .pas, .cpp, etc) as attachments 1) please zip  your files 2) then use this zip file as your attachment 3) Attachments are limited to 500K per attachment, 4 files per post allowed Such also saves much storage space and time for

10 10, 2017

Nextion Editor Download

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The latest version of Nextion Editor can be downloaded [here] To maintain code compatibility with projects created with version 0.53 or prior, an LTS Edition (Long Term Support) of the Nextion Editor can be downloaded [here]. The LTS Edition is not an excuse to be fearful of creating a new HMI project in the newer

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