Important Note for Legacy Nextion devices.

Every Nextion device was factory tested to work with the Nextion Editor version that current at the time the Nextion device was made. This is to say a Nextion device purchased in Apr 2016 would work with the (current at that time) Nextion Editor version v0.33. For very old Nextion devices with project firmware v0.32 and before, some will need to upgrade to an intermediary Nextion firmware (v0.42 TFTs supplied below) BEFORE the newer Nextion Editors (LTS Edition or v0.58 or later) can be used. Note the Nextion Editor LTS Edition code is based on version v0.53, the Nextion Editor LTS Edition is not Nextion Editor version v0.53, it is Nextion Editor LTS Edition.

Which Nextion devices are classed Legacy and may need intermediary upgrade
– your Nextion is a T Series Basic Model NX----T---_011 (Basic models have blue PCBs)
– your Nextion has the Itead logo (not the Nextion logo)
– your last Nextion project uploaded used Editor v0.37 or prior
– your Nextion connect reports firmware below S62
If these conditions apply then an intermediary upgrade is needed to use the newer Nextion Editors.

An Intermediary upgrade is performed by
– creating a simple project using Nextion Editor v0.42 (found in Forum Announcements)
– compile this project and upload its TFT file to your device (over serial or microSD)
– or download v0.42 here, extract and upload the TFT for your model
– your device is now ready to use the newer LTS and v0.58 or later Editors
– create and upload the TFT project made by the newer Editors as usual
Note: Once version v0.38 is used, you can not use an earlier than v0.38 version Editor

Q: I have a Legacy device and want to continue using my existing v0.34 Editor
A: There is no issue to use your Legacy Nextion device with the elder Nextion Editor as long as you do not A) upgrade to v0.38 or later (can not go back) or B) attempt to skip the Intermediary upgrade before using the newer Editors (LTS or v0.58 and later)

Q: How do I know my Nextion device firmware version is? ie S62
A: The Nextion firmware Ver:S--- shows in the Editor Debug Simulator Status Bar area when connecting to the Nextion Device (see Editor Guide or the Upload Protocol v1.1 published in the Blog section)

Q: I skipped the Intermediary step and went straight to the newer Editor, now what?
A: The best solution would have been following the Intermediary steps and avoid bricking. If your Legacy device is now showing a device null error, you can try to reanimate your device using the LegacyFix TFT file (download link) and exactly follow the steps in the Readme.txt file.