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1902, 2024

Boosting the Nextion Mega I/O project with new knowledge (6)

By |February 19th, 2024|

Up to now, the highlight of our ongoing Nextion Mega I/O project is the ADC page which allows to monitor all 16 analog input pins of an Arduino Mega at once. With little modifications in the UI design, by putting either a Number or a Float component for a specific channel, we can select the desired display format without caring about conversion of or scaling the reading. The timer event code will chose the right formula by detecting the component type beforehand. All that is really great, but what if we do not need (or not all the time) all 16 channels? Is there a way to permanently disable (freeze/hold) the one or the other channel in order to reduce the workload of the Mega's ADC and the amount of data transferred? The answer is yes, and thanks to what we saw in the last Sunday Blog, it's easy-peasy!

502, 2024

Working with bit fields – optimize your code

By |February 5th, 2024|

Bitwise logical operations and packing data into bitfields is a very elementary programming technique - in fact, every microprocessor uses it internally to achieve "higher" goals like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more. Nevertheless, many people who write amazing software in "high" languages are not really comfortable when it comes to bit manipulations, even if these can, as we have often seen in the Nextion Sunday Blog's demo projects, make your code more compact, using less memory and running quicker. Since I get more and more reader's feedback in that sense, I decided to make a compact writeup, giving you the required knowledge at hands, not only to decipher but also to create amazing things.

2201, 2024

Universal UI on-screen help framework for Nextion HMI

By |January 22nd, 2024|

In the Nextion user forums, a participant from Europe, let's call him M., asked an interesting question. What he wants to achieve is activating a "Help" mode on his Nextion project. That means that after activating this help mode, the user would click on an arbitrary component and instead of executing the component's event code, a help screen with explanations would be displayed. Since in his project, there are nearly 1000 components on several screens, reworking each single component's event code to decide if the event code should be executed or the help screen displayed, is definitively not an option. So, he thought that he'd use a TouchCap component to intercept the event chain before the component's own event code was executed, to decide if, in case the help mode was active, the help screen would be displayed. But his problem was that the component's own TouchPress and/or TouchRelease event code would still be executed afterwards, probably going to a different page, which would prevent displaying the help text correctly...

801, 2024

The 2024 Editorial

By |January 8th, 2024|

First of all, a Happy New Year 2024 to you, dear readers, from my Nextion colleagues in Shenzhen/China, in Canada, and from myself in France! After a quick look over the past 4 years, let's draw the roadmap for the coming year together!

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