The Nextion MIDI I/O interface

The first video

Today, instead of writing an article, I created a video. I received the first prototypes of the Nextion MIDI I/O interface to do thorough and exhaustive beta-testing. So, I created a hmi project with 3 pages, a settings page, one with a pitch bend wheel and a switch to launch a test chord, and one with 8 buttons, a rudimentary drum pad. The new MIDI interface board was daisy-chained between a Foca max adaptor and a NX4827P043 HMI. I plugged a commercial MIDI-to-USB interface to the MIDI IN and OUT connectors of the new interface board and launched a MIDI-capable software synth (GM player) on my Mac Mini. For more details and debugging, I ran a MIDI monitor in parallel. That was the setup. Everything works as expected, thus, the mass production will start in a few days. Now, look yourself at the results:

What are the use cases for the Nextion MIDI I/O Interface ?

Commercial and self-built hardware Midi controllers are often problematic. Potentiometers, knobs and switches suffer from oxidation, and you need a bunch of these for a minimum of flexibility which makes the device difficult to use. Having soft controls, ergonomically arranged and grouped on several screens with visual feedback is a huge step forward to maintenance free and customizable MIDI controllers. Nextion HMI together with the Nextion MIDI I/O interface is the solution! No more limits…

Happy Nextioning!